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4187 Request For Reassignment Example Of Cover

I want to transfer out of my branch, what do I do? What are my chances?

All that is required for a branch transfer is a 4187 signed by the yourself and the Company Commander and a memorandum of recommendation. Examples of these documents are available upon request. The USASD chain of command does not generally provide letters of recommendation because we do not personally know you. You will need to contact your branch manager to ensure required documents. As far as the chances of approval? Each request is considered first by the losing branch and then by the requested branch. All decisions are based around personnel strengths and authorizations so it is really impossible to estimate the approval.

When and how will I receive my Civilian Institution Academic Evaluation Report (DA Form 1059-1)?

Visit the AEP Branch Homepagefor current information.

Who completes my DA Form 1059-1?

The DA Form 1059-1 is completed by your Supervisor, Senior Army Advisor, Academic Advisor or Professor of Military Science.

What is the email or mailing address to send my DA Form 2125 and or DA Form 1059-1 to?

Send DA Form 2125 and or DA Form 1059-1 via email to usarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.opmd-army-acs@mail.milor by mail to U.S Army Human Resources Command ATTN: AHRC-PDV-ER 1600 Spearhead Division Avenue, Dept #470 Fort Knox, KY 40122-5407.

When should I submit my DA Form 1059-1?

Visit the AEP Branch Homepagefor current information.


What is the general policy concerning Leave?

As long as leave doesn’t interfere with your schooling or work schedule ( TWI, OCLL) you are encouraged to take as much leave as you like. Academic breaks between semesters or quarters are non-chargeable, as you do not leave your residential address, though these are excellent times to use leave if you plan to leave the area. The leave form should be submitted IAW USASD policy memorandum 9. USASD policy memorandums available on the left side of this page.

What about passes?

You are your own regular pass approval authority providing your absence 1) lasts less than 72 hours 2) is contiguous with at least 2 consecutive weekend days 3) does not conflict with any academic obligations, and 4) travel distance is less than 250 miles. This is intended to be a liberal policy to allow flexibility – if you have some other need, or think you need to be covered on a DA Form 31, let us know and we’ll accommodate you. The DA Form 31 request for regular pass should be submitted IAW USASD policy memorandum 11, and should be received by USASD NLT 10 days for CONUS and 45 days for OCONUS prior to requested start date. USASD policy memorandums available on the left side of this page.

How far in advance do I need to submit my ordinary leave request?

Leave requests in excess of 30 days, must be received by USASD at least 45 days prior to start dates; 29 days or less, 15 days prior. We will act on your request immediately, and they will be processed and sent back promptly either by fax or e-mail attachment. Do try and be reasonable, if you need 30+ days of leave in conjunction with Permissive TDY or a similar request that requires approval higher than the Company Commander, please understand we cannot turn that around nearly as quickly.

What is the policy on Emergency Leave?

Emergency leaves will be approved at any time -we will accommodate your requirement. If OCONUS, we will require the Red Cross message so that we can justify the funding for your airline ticket as authorized in the JTR. CONUS Emergency Leave is at your expense and we do not require any additional documentation.

If I’m in a use or lose situation, when is the latest I can submit my request, can I carry over leave?

Per AR 600-8-10 leave must be used prior to 1 October or it is lost. Please be advised that Human Resources Command has not approved any leave accruals beyond 60 days except for instances in which deployments clearly prevented the use of that leave. Your student status will not allow you to accrue leave in excess of 60 days.

What is the Policy concerning selling back leave?

The only time an officer may sell back leave is upon retirement or separation from Military Service. Enlisted personnel may sell back leave upon reenlistment or separation from Military Service. Regulation is DOD Financial Management Regulation Vol 7a Chapter 35.

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